This past year brought about many new challenges and changes, and we here at Financial Information Incorporated (FII) are not only publishers of reorganization transactional information, but we reorganize ourselves to better serve our clients and partners.  There recently have been managerial changes at FII, but we assure our stakeholders that we will continue to provide the highest quality products and services to them, and over the next few months FII will be introducing, enhancing, and developing new products and services, which will be rapidly deployed to the financial industry.  Our clients have been partnering with us for over 115 years and FII will continue to offer the highest quality of Data.

Philip J. Necci, Jr.
President/Chief Executive Officer


FII is the leading global provider of domestic and international corporate actions and historical reference services. FII's clients consist of banking and brokerage firms, accounting and law offices, government agencies, college and public libraries, and private investors.

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We’re the company that wrote the book

FII creator and publisher of the Annual Guide to Stocks which became known as the Bible of the securities industry in the early 20th century.


Validated, customized,
real-time data

At FII, we offer our clients real-time, accurate and comprehensive data products, delivered in high-speed, customized methods. Our research tools provide our clients with efficient, cost saving solutions to their data needs.

Historical reference data backed by over 100 years of industry experience.
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