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Financial Actions Services

FII's Financial Actions Services are considered by the financial industry to be the most comprehensive, timely and accurate daily Corporate and Municipal services available.

Reorganization Service:

Mergers & Acquisitions, Purchase and Exchange Offers, Tender Offers, Rights Offers, Forward & Reverse Splits, Stock Dividends, Spin-Offs & Distributions, Capital Changes, Indenture Solicitations, Poison Pills, Conversion Expirations, Name Changes, Incorporation Changes, Bankruptcy Filing, Confirmation and Effective Dates, Bankruptcy Distributions, Reorganizations, Recapitalizations, Dissolutions, Liquidations Receiverships, Class Actions and Settlements, Principal & Interest Defaults, Bond Defeasance.

Called Bond Service:

Full, Partial, and Pre-Refunding Calls; Preferred Stocks; Corporate Bonds; Convertible Corporate Bonds; Municipal Bonds.

Put Options Service:

Optional Puts, Mandatory Repurchase, Mandatory Retained, Remarketing Agent, First Notification Date, Last Notification/Expiration Date, Put Frequency, Next Put Date.

Warrant Watch Service:

Original Issue, Basis of Exercise, Expiration, Bankruptcy, Name Changes and Reorganizations, Exchange and Purchase Offers, Adjustment of Terms & Exercise Price Change, Call Feature and Redemptions, Declared Worthless.


A premier, all encompassing, cost-effective data solution. The Service announces and reports cash dividends, interest and payments on all North American Securities. FII proactively gathers cash dividends with coverage that includes:

Adjustable Rate Preferreds, ADR’s, Capital Shares, Certificates, Common Stock, Convertible Preferreds, Closed End Funds, Cumulative Preferreds, Debt Linked Securities, Equity Linked Securities, ETF’s, ETN’s, Foreign Preferreds, GDR’s, Limited Partnerships, Ordinary Shares, Participating Common Stock, Participating Preferreds, Preferreds, REITS, RIGHTs, Royalty Trusts, Units, UIT’s, Warrants and more.

Daily Stock and UIT Services:

FII's strategic partnership with Standard & Poor’s (S&P) offers subscribers the ability to access S&P’s Daily Dividend Record and UIT Service via FII’s Internet query system, FII Online. Subscribers can now access the data in FII’s familiar format, delivered via one system.

Acquisitions, Arrears and Omissions, Cash Dividends with Classifications, Change of Exchange, Company Mergers, Dividends – Increased/Decreased, Due Bills, Exchange Offerings, Filed Bankruptcy, Full Preferred Stock Redemptions, Historical Payment Data, Interest Payment, Name Changes, Payment Suspended, Shareholder Meetings, Special Dividends, Stock Dividends and Splits, Stock Holder Rights, Tender Offers, Terminated, Year-End Dividends.

International Data Service:

FII has integrated data from London-based, Exchange Data International (EDI), into its Internet query system (FII Online). FII’s International Service offers clients a full range of services providing global coverage of corporate actions events.

Delivery Methods:


FII offers its data feed in the following formats:

  • XML
  • ISO 15022
  • Variable Length Records
  • Fixed 80 Byte Records
  • Customized Solutions

FII Online (Real-Time Data)

FII’s renowned and award winning web-based query system is easily accessible through FII’s web-site (www.fiinet.com). Just one click on the FII Online button and subscribers can access decades of vital information. FII Online eliminates the need for subscribers to search through multiple databases and publications. FII Online’s user-friendly front end coupled with the speed of the Internet is essential for today’s processing of securities.

Financial Actions Alert Service (FAAS)

FAAS is an enhancement feature offered to FII Online subscribers. FAAS will automatically check CUSIPs from subscribers' systems against FII’s Financial Actions Services and notify subscribers of the details of the pertinent corporate actions events via email. This time efficient process can be set up to run daily, weekly or at other frequencies at each subscriber's discretion.

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