Real-Time, Accurate & Comprehensive Data

North American Dividends

Use the North American Dividends service to obtain up-to-date and detailed information on all new dividend announcements, as well as, updates made to existing records.


Know that our data service will provide you with:

  • Covers global equities and 29,000+ US Mutual Funds
  • Access to dividend announcements sourced from more than 150 exchanges
  • Detailed information on both cash & stock dividends including record, pay and ex dates, gross & net amounts
  • Details of all currencies in which a dividend can be paid
  • Keep up with the growing numbers of distributions with more complex profile

Clients' accessing North American dividend information via the online platform can quickly retrieve based on the ex, record and/or pay date and create new dividends reports.

FII will also provide announcements that are available on cash, stock (script) and multiple payment choices through foreign currency options.

Delivery Method

FII Online (Real-Time Data)

FII’s renowned and award winning web-based query system is easily accessible through FII’s website ( Just one click on the login button and subscribers can access decades of vital information. FII Online eliminates the need for subscribers to search through multiple databases and publications. FII Online’s user-friendly front end coupled with the speed of the Internet is essential for today’s processing of securities.

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