North American Exchange IPO Service

Comprehensive Insights, Informed Decisions

Meticulously crafted to empower the financial investments industry with indispensable data and insights.

We specialize in dissecting the intricate landscape of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), offering a comprehensive view enriched with nuanced analysis from diverse data streams.

Comprehensive Product Coverage:

  • IPOs, Direct Listings, SPACs: Our scope extends beyond traditional IPOs to encompass Direct Listings and SPACs, ensuring a holistic perspective on market entry strategies.

Unveiling the Full IPO Timeline:

  • We prioritize a detailed IPO timeline, providing a roadmap from inception to post-listing activities. Our emphasis on every stage ensures a thorough understanding of the process.

Proactive Calendar and Alert System:

  • Stay ahead with our future calendar and alert system, meticulously tailored to notify you about critical events such as Stabilization, Lockup, and Quiet Periods. This proactive approach keeps you informed and ready to act.

Expert SPAC Activity Monitoring:

  • Navigate the dynamic landscape of SPACs confidently with our specialized monitoring. From inception to potential dissolution, we keep a vigilant eye on SPAC activities, empowering you with actionable insights.

Tracking Trading Dynamics:

  • We meticulously track trading patterns around pivotal dates, such as the end of Lock-Up periods, providing invaluable insights into market sentiment and investor behavior.
Key Stages:

From the initial Rumor stage to the Post-IPO Transaction phase, we demystify the key stages in an IPO, offering clarity and strategic guidance every step of the way.

  • Rumor - Issuer has not filed with Regulatory body
  • Pending - Issuer has filed with Regulatory body
  • Complete - Issuer has filed with Regulatory body and Effective Date established
  • Post-IPO Transaction - This stages begins on the day that the company's shares begin trading on a stock exchange
  • Postponed - Issuer has postponed the Offer until a later date
  • Withdrawn - Issuer has Withdrawn the Offer
Structured Data Framework:

Our data architecture ensures clarity and accessibility, categorizing data elements seamlessly for each IPO security. Experience streamlined navigation and efficient data retrieval with our meticulously curated structure.

  • Processing Data
    • Type of offering
    • Event ID
    • IPO Stage
    • Processing Dates
  • Issuer Details
    • Organization
    • Business Line
    • Industry
  • Offering Details
    • Pricing
    • Quantity
  • Issuer Financials
    • Use of Proceeds
    • Year End
  • Risk Factors
    • List of Risk Factors as provided by the Issuer
  • Dilution
    • Dilution prices based upon Quantity of IPO Securities issued and outstanding
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