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Historical Reference Services

FII’s Historical Reference Services are the premier source of data to the financial industry. Surpassed by none, these indispensable services have been the backbone of the financial industry for generations.

Securities Reference Service (SRS)

Easy accessibility through FII's web-site, a complete historical data service, contains mandatory actions on equity securities from the inception of the CUSIP number system in 1968 to the present, primary agents for active equity securities are provided along with 24/7 access to FII Reference and Historical Services, FII’s Annual Guide to Stocks (printed edition) included with subscription, password protection, secure server for secure transactions, user-friendly front-end, state-of-the-art data retrieval and delivery method, reliable support.

Active Stock Guide Service

50,000 North American (U.S. & Canadian) securities, including companies incorporated offshore; full Security Issuer & Issue Descriptions; CUSIP© or CINS©; Place of Incorporation; Par Value; Transfer Agents, plus a separate section for inactive agents referencing the new agent; Transfer Charge; Dividend Disbursing Agent; Lead Underwriter; Poison Pills; Summary of Capital Changes & Stock Dividends for Active Stocks.

Obsolete Stock Guide Service

Over 100,000 Obsolete Securities dating back to the late 1800's, Bankruptcies & Receivership, Liquidations, Dissolutions, Corporate Charter Cancellations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Name Changes, Recapitalizations, Reorganizations, Stocks Declared Worthless, Summary of Capital Changes and Stock Dividends for Obsolete Stocks.

Corporate & Municipal Bond Guide Service

Full Security Description, CUSIP© or CINS©, Interest Rate, Maturity, Place of Incorporation, Corporate Bankruptcies, Interest Payment Frequencies & Dates, Transfer Agent, Paying Agent, Registrar, and Trustee.

Delivery Methods:


FII offers its data feed in the following formats:

  • XML
  • ISO 15022
  • Variable Length Records
  • Fixed 80 Byte Records
  • Customized Solutions

FII Online (Real-Time Data, Web-Based)

FII’s renowned and award winning web-based query system is easily accessible through FII’s web-site (www.fiinet.com). Just one click on the login button and subscribers can access decades of vital information. FII Online eliminates the need for subscribers to search through multiple databases and publications. FII Online’s user-friendly front end coupled with the speed of the Internet is essential for today’s processing of securities.

Financial Actions Alert Service (FAAS)

FAAS is an enhancement feature offered to FII Online subscribers. FAAS will automatically check CUSIPs from subscribers' systems against FII’s Financial Actions Services and notify subscribers of the details of the pertinent corporate actions events via email. This time efficient process can be set up to run daily, weekly or at other frequencies at each subscriber's discretion.

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