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Library Services

Library Services

Library Reference Service (LRS)

A web-based query system, LRS offers subscribers 24/7 access to FII’s historical and reference database. Packaged together with FII’s Directory of Obsolete Securities this new generation Inquiry System offers subscribers complete coverage.

Benefits of the LRS system include:

  • Easy accessibility through FII’s World Wide Web-site (
  • 24/7 Access to FII Reference and Historical Services
  • FII’s Directory of Obsolete Securities (printed edition) included with subscription
  • Password protection
  • Secure Server for secure transactions
  • User-friendly front end
  • State-of-the-art data retrieval and delivery method
  • Reliable support

Delivery Method

FII Online (Real-Time Data)

FII’s renowned and award winning web-based query system is easily accessible through FII’s web-site ( Just one click on the login button and subscribers can access decades of vital information. FII Online eliminates the need for subscribers to search through multiple databases and publications. FII Online’s user-friendly front end coupled with the speed of the Internet is essential for today’s processing of securities.

Directory of Obsolete Securities (Print)

This valuable reference tool contains a chronological record of a security, as well as details of the actions which made it obsolete. Whether a Company’s identity has been lost through a name change, merger, acquisition, dissolution, reorganization, bankruptcy or charter cancellation the details will be found in the Directory.

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