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    Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), which is also known as a "blank check" company.

    The new daily SPAC file provides traders, brokers, analysts, and investment bankers the opportunity for an alternative approach to Initial Public Offerings (IPO).

    Stages in the SPAC process

    IPO Announced; IPO Complete; Business Combination Announced; Business Combination Complete; Liquidation

    The SPAC will explore partners for an acquisition/merger/business combination, some may decide to limit their search to specific industries or geographical areas. Typically, this tenor will be 24 months, with the option to extend by 3 to 6 months. The SPAC must liquidate after this point and return the contents of the trust account to the securities holders.If a target is identified, and an agreement reached, the parties will complete the appropriate legal and regulatory paperwork and processes.

    Completion of the transaction typically includes a change in name from the SPAC’s name to the target company’s name (or an approximation). Following the effective date the new entity will begin trading, under the new name. 

    How can the data be used?

    Keep informed of evolving SPAC data including:

    • Important dates
    • SPAC’s looking for a partner
    • Upcoming IPO opportunities
    • SPAC’s approaching liquidation deadline
    • Transfer agents, Underwriters and Counsel
    • Price data

    How will the data be provided?

    • XML
    • Daily

    What data points will FII provide?

    Main Record   Unit Components Resulting Company
    Record ID Sector Unit Identifier Resulting Identifier
    Created Date Geography Unit Symbol Resulting Issuer Description
    Modified Date Underwriter/s List Exchange Resulting Security
    SPAC Name Transfer Agent Unit Component Share Resulting Company Country
    Security Type Counsel Unit Component Warrant Currency
    Identifier Target Company Name Voluntary Separation Date Warrant Exercisable Date
    Stage Target Company Sector Stock Identifier Warrant Expiration Date
    Currency Percent Compare Stock Par Value Resulting Security Ticker Symbol
    SPAC Country Redemption Date Stock Symbol Resulting Security Exchange
    Listing Date Redemption Price Warrant Identifier Resulting Security Listing Date
    Filing Date Meeting Date Warrant Share Trade Price After Closing
    Tenor Meeting Results Warrant Purchase Price
    Liquidation Deadline Agreement Date Warrant Symbol
    Offering Price Business Combination Completion Date Unit Component Right
    Proceeds Liquidation Effective Date Right Identifier
    Trust Account Amount Liquidation Distribution Amount Right Symbol
    SPAC Trading Price

    Subscriber Research Services

    FII’s subscribers have available to them a unique service that few vendors can offer. Once you become an FII subscriber, you're given instant access to our Subscriber Help Desk Service. This service allows subscribers the ability to email our highly trained research team with requests for information. If the subscriber cannot locate the status of a security, FII’s team will perform all the necessary research on the subscriber's behalf.

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